Winter Guard access

Guard email address:


  • 10/28/19 through 11/1/10 from 4 to 6pm. Meeting in Band Room
  • Physicals are required. Any physicals dated after April 2019 are accepted as current.
  • Attire: To better view the group as a whole during auditions, we request the following attire be used. This allows the staff to better evaluate your movements during different dance and/or equipment sessions. More detailed rehearsal attire will be required and it outlined in the hand book.
    • Ankle length, solid black bottoms
    • Crew neck solid black t-shirts
    • Hair should be pulled out of face
    • Socks and shoes appropriate for movement (tennis type shoes)
  • Be on time and expect to use the entire time
  • Leave the band room better than we found it – pick up after yourself.

Private YouTube Account: (Link will be provided after auditions)

This account is used for the current instructors to post videos of techniques that we have taught during rehearsals. This is to be used as an educational tool and NOT as a social media platform.

Homework requirements:

Every week, the instructors will post a video of the technique that each member is required to practice at home. This platform is used to help each member remember proper hand placements, foot and leg extensions, flag work, dance routines, and any other important show work that has been assigned.

Once a week, each member will post a homework video (no longer than 1 minute) to a Google Form link that will be sent to the email address ( listed with Mrs. Allen. Once the homework is completed, the member will upload the video to the Google Form and submit the required assignment.

No videos will be allowed to be uploaded to the private YouTube account.

At Monday’s rehearsals, we will take each member aside and review the technique they posted and give feedback on what they need to focus on.

This platform is only designed to help each member of the Karns Middle School Prep Guard improve and give them a tool to use outside of rehearsals. A

You Tube How To Videos:

“How to” videos of all dance and flag we have taught:

Show music: Run Baby Run by The Rigs

Zumba music: No dance routines, just the music