Percussion Ensemble Main Info

Percussion Parent Meeting Presentation

  • Scenario A – less than 10 participants: $0 cost.  Music and instruction provided. Performance opportunity will be Spring 6/7 Grade Concert.
  • Scenario B – less than 15 participants and not enough diverse instrumentation: $0 participation fee but will incur costs for uniforms and items as we will expand the performance for the 5/7 concert or family night in concert with the KMS winter guard.
  • Scenario C – 17 or less participants with varied instrumentation and capable of a structured indoor percussion performance: $75  Not only the concerts/family night performances but also work into a few circuit shows.  Not as a member but as guest performance.
  • Scenario D – 17 or more participants with varied instrumentation and skill development: $150.  We will increase our circuit performances and inquire on joining a circuit producing an actual indoor percussion style show
Scenario A Scenario B Scenario C Scenario D
Cost: $0 Cost: $0 +Uniform Cost: $55 +Uniform Cost: $125 +Uniform
Participants: Less than 10

Performance Criteria: Various Ensemble Exercises and a base Percussion Ensemble piece

Performance Location: Spring 6/7 Band Concert

Participants: Less than 15 and less diversified skill/instrumentation

Performance Criteria: Various Ensemble Exercises and a themed Percussion Ensemble piece

Performance Location: Spring 6/7 Band Concert + Family night

Participants: Less than 17 with skill set and instrumentation

Performance Criteria: A themed visual and musical structured Indoor Percussion Show

Performance Location: Spring 6/7 Band Concert, Family Night, and 1 or 2 circuit performances; non-member status

Participants: More than 17 with moderate skill set and needed instrumentation

Performance Criteria: More advanced Indoor Percussion Show

Performance Location: Family Night + Circuit performances we can get into including membership for Championships

For the competitive season, it is customary to compensate instructional staff that is not on the KCS payroll. More over the upkeep and repair of the instrumentation not used in the standard classroom, and show specific materials.  Traditionally, the instructional staff has only accepted compensation once the needs of the students were met. This will hold true again this season.  The initial uniform that each participant will purchase on their own will be less than $100.  That would include any black pant or skirt and black shoes plus the required top that everyone will order from the same vendor. The goal is to keep the participation fees to $125 or below per student pending above scenario selection.  A more detailed budget will be created and provided if requested once show schedules and locations are determined to assess the travel budget required.  Please see below for various scenarios in Excel Spreadsheet format.

Karns Middle School Winter Percussion 2024 Budget

Fee Payments:

Fees will be finalized after February 8, 2024.  At this time we do not anticipate any fees other than participant attire.  The number of participants and instrumentation evaluation will determine the Scenario we decide to go with and therefore result in a variable fee for participation, uniform, and member T-Shirt.
All fees to be paid to Order of KMS Band and turned into Mark Bowling. A Check is easiest. No ability to use CC/Online payments at this time.


Percussion Ensemble rehearsals occur on Thursdays, January through April from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. The first rehearsal on February 8, 2024 will be 6:00 to 8:00.  Our calendar will be updated with all rehearsal and/or performance dates.  Please see Mr. Smelser or Mr. Bowling to work out any schedule conflicts.

Suggested At Home rehearsal Equipment

There are class recommendations also that Mr. Bowling has published.  However, as an Perc Ensemble recommendation, I use this at home as it allows me to sit and have the pad in front of me and it comes with some basic sticks and a carrying case.  THIS NOT REQUIRED but wanted to share this link on Amazon. Rehearsal Kit (you will be exiting and onto a 3rd party website)

Recordings/How to Videos

All recordings are located on the Student Access page. To receive password, please email Mr. Smelser.