Dear Parents,

I just wanted to post a few words about our TSSBDA Concert Assessment performance the past Saturday. 

Let me begin by saying that Ms. Bray and I are EXTREMELY proud of the students.  Their behavior and performances were examples of the BEST that Karns Middle School has to offer.  Our students were polite, respectful, and professional.  It is truly a pleasure to accompany such fine young men and women to public events as they represent our school and community. 

Their performances were a testament to the hard work and dedication that each student demonstrated this year.  Both groups were adjudicated by a panel of 3 highly qualified band directors.  These judges issue a rating of the groups’ performances based on a comprehensive set of criteria. The ratings for each performance range from “Superior” to “Good”.   I am very pleased to report that both of our groups received “Superior” ratings from each judge.  More importantly, each judge provides recorded, real-time commentary of each performance.  We will be able to listen to these comments, reflect on the performance, and use the information to become better musicians going forward.  Most importantly, the students seemed to enjoy the experience. 

Finally, I want to thank the parents that volunteered to chaperone the trip.  Their help with supervision and logistics was invaluable to our success that day.  We truly could not have gone without them.