Percussion Ensemble access

Below are links to our materials for this season. Please protect your hard work by not providing access to individuals that do not belong in our secured areas. You Tube videos are purely educational and NO commenting or adding of your own You Tube Videos will be permitted.

This season has taken a little longer to evaluate and get moving down a known path. We had a major fluctuation in attendance for audition clinic week and then the subsequent rehearsals. We have made final decisions and the budget has been adjusted.

For those who were not present for our initial parent meeting the parent meeting slide deck is also referenced above. A new budget is posted.

Please send questions regarding links or materials above to

During rehearsals/performances, we do not allow direct access to devices for calls, etc. They are of course allowed to check them during breaks. If you have an emergency and need to reach us, please text/call David Smelser directly. This information will be contained in a group email.