Recommended Instruments

XI. Recommended Instruments:

Instruments come in all shapes, sizes, and varying degrees of quality. If you would like your student to have a good quality horn that will make a better sound, provide a more satisfying experience in band, and spend less time with their instrument in the shop, a higher quality instrument can provide that experience. Therefore, if you are looking into buying an instrument for your student, there are several brands that are reputable and recommended. Here is a list of instruments and brands that are recommended for purchase:

                Flute: Gemeinhardt, Bundy, Jupiter, Armstrong, Yamaha, Eastman

                Clarinet: Selmer, Bundy, LeBlanc, Buffet, Yamaha, Armstrong

                Saxophone: Selmer, Yamaha, Jupiter, Bundy

                French Horn: Please consult Mr. Bowling directly if planning to purchase or rent a french horn.

                Trumpet: Bach, Bundy, Getzen, Holton, Jupiter, Yamaha, Conn, Blessing, King, Eastman

                Trombone: Bach, Yamaha, Conn, King, Jupiter, Getzen, Holton, Eastman

                Baritone: Please consult Mr. Bowling directly if planning to purchase/rent a baritone.

Please do NOT purchase the following brands of musical instruments

Mendini Cecilio Mugig Jean-Paul
Hissonic Glory Kaizer Herch
DeLuca Lezzaro Le’Var LJ Hutchen
Windsor Etude Yinfente Mirage
Conductor Samick Lagrima Hawk
Aklot Estella Lazarro Lexington
Merano Andoer Sky Nuvo