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Percussion Parent Meeting Presentation

Karns Middles School Winter Percussion 2020 Budget

Charms Registration information


Fee Payments:

$50 Uniform Fee – TBD
$100 Participation Fee – Due January 31, 2020
$45 Shoe Fee – Due also when you can provide – before January preferably. Not necessary to get marching shoes. Any solid black rubber soled shoe will do.
$50 Jacket – Due February 18th, 2020
$8 Member Shirt – This will be managed by a parent volunteer and communicated/collected later. This will be the shirt required underneath the uniform.
All fees to be paid to Order of KMS Band and turned into Mark Bowling. A Check is easiest. No abilities to use CC/Online payments at this time.

Percussion Manual

This document will provide the base of knowledge for all percussion students. Access to the Percussion Manual will be granted after KMSIPE 2020 Registration.

Percussion Ensemble rehearsals occur on Mondays and Thursdays from 4 to 6:30 pm. Check our calendar for latest updates.

KMS Indoor Percussion Info Packet

This document contains policy and procedure for the percussion ensemble. The Karns Middle School Band, School, and Knox County handbooks supersede.

Recordings/How to Videos

All recordings are located on the Student Access page.