Info for week of 2/24

Dear Parents,

Well, my hope for a normal week didn’t pan out last week. Here’s to hoping this week will be free from weather craziness!  Here are some things going on this week (presuming normal weather).

  • Percussion Ensemble rehearsal Monday and Thursday.  Given the amount of rehearsal time that has been missed, it is imperative that we have 100% attendance at rehearsal this week.  Additionally, it is also imperative that the students practice their music between rehearsals. 
  • Jazz Band on Tuesday and Thursday. 
  • Snap! Raise fundraiser kickoff on Friday.  Students will need to bring their phones (if they have one) to class.  Those who do not will be provided with a Chromebook.  We are asking that you provide 20 working, email addresses of people who may want to donate to the program.  You can store these on the NOTES function of your child’s phone, and they can cut and paste the addresses into the fundraiser site.  Rest assured that email addresses are NOT sold to 3rd parties, and email recipients will NOT receive emails after the fundraiser ends.  During the fundraiser, recipients will receive 1 email per week (total of 4).  Parents may want to send a preemptive email to the recipients letting them know that this is a real fundraiser.
  • 7th Grade Band members ONLY:  Recruiting Field trip permission forms will be emailed Monday.  Parents, please complete these forms and have them returned by Friday, 2/28. 
  • 8th Grade Band members ONLY need to turn in their $50.00 deposit for the 6 Flags trip by Friday (2/28).

Fingers crossed for a normal week!


MB and EB