WG/PE Show Day – ETPAA Championships

Event Details

Location: Karns High School


9:00 AM – 11:00 AM Rehearsal at KMS

11:00 AM – 11:30 AM Load trailer at KMS

12:30 PM – Meet at equipment trailer, check in with Mrs. Bray, and prep for performance

1:15 PM – Move to warmup area B which is the band room. 

1:30 PM to 1:50 PM – Warm up – no props but do normal runs like we did for Gibbs show

1:50 PM Travel to Holding – parents/helpers go to props and floor (back hallway of gym)


7:30 PM Please return to Karns High School for awards/retreat.  FULL UNIFORM.  Retreat starts at 9:00 PM


Schedule – Guard: 

**Performers must come to the show in full hair and makeup**

9:45 AM – arrive and meet Mrs. Allen in front lobby area

10-11 am – finish getting ready

11:10 am – move to body warm up A (New Commons)

11:19 am – body warm up

11:31 am – equipment warm up (Back Gym)

11:43 am – holding

11:50 am – performance

12 – 12:30 – meet in changing area to change into short shirt and jackets

1:45 pm – meet in commons to help KMS Percussion to pull their floor

2:15 pm – released to buddy groups

4:45 pm – meet Mrs. Allen in commons for check in and cleaning party (30 mins)

5:25 pm – meet in commons to help Karns Gold with their floor

7:00 pm – meet Mrs. Allen in commons for check in and cleaning party (30 mins)

8:15 pm – meet in changing area to get ready for full retreat

9:00 pm – Retreat Begins

10:00 pm – meeting in back corner after retreat for end of season pictures

10:30 pm – meeting in changing area to pack, clean, and move to dismissal place

10:45 pm – meeting in front lobby for our final dismissal

**Times are subject to change – please be flexible**

** REMEMBER, this is an ALL DAY event, so please plan accordingly. Also we ask that each girl stay on campus for security reasons.  **