Band Info 8.11.19

Dear Parents,

Greetings from the KMS band room!  I hope that your summer was filled with good times and fun, and now you’re settling into the routine of the new school year.  I am writing to give you some information about Band for the year. 


  • There have been a couple of changes to the band syllabus (click HERE to view an online copy).  The first change impacts our grading policy.  This year tests/concerts will account for 60% of your child’s total grade, and daily participation will account for the remaining 40%.
  • The other change deals with concert participation.  Students who are chronically absent or unprepared for rehearsal will not be allowed to perform on the concert.  Instead, they will be given an alternate, individual playing test.  This test will be weighted the same as the concert.

 Fees and Forms

  • The Band Fee ($35.00) and syllabus signature form (click HERE to view an online copy) are due by August 16.  Please make check out to KMS Band.  The signature form will be your child’s first test grade.  If you are eligible for the fee reduction/waiver, please attach a copy of your free or reduced lunch acceptance form to the signature form
  • If your child is playing a school-owned instrument (Baritone, Tuba, French Horn), please complete the  Instrument rental form (click HERE to view an online copy), and submit a SEPARATE check for $50.00.  Please make this check payable to KMS Band.


  • The website calendar has been updated several times in the past few days.  Please check it often for the latest calendar info.

This Week

  • All 7th and 8th grade students need to be fully prepared for class starting Monday. 
  • 7th Graders please have your beginning band book as well as the new, required book, Foundations for Superior Performance.
  • 6th Graders should bring their instrument and book if they have them.  Those who do not, please secure an instrument by Friday, August 16.
  • Signature forms and Band fees are due this Friday.  The form counts as your child’s first test grade. 
  • We may have to send you several update emails this week.  I promise that we won’t spam you.